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The caladium, also called our Weirdo!

Caladiums come in all colors and patterns. From pink to green and from white with pink spots to dark green with pink spots. There are endless caladium varieties, each one more beautiful than the other! Caladium is currently more popular than ever. How could it be otherwise, have you seen those leaves?

A caladium getting hold of can be pretty tricky. But, good news: at Plant Rebelz you will occasionally find very special caladium varieties in the range. In general, the caladium is quite an easy houseplant and with the tips of our grower it should be fine.

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How do you care for a caladium?

The Caladium is a strong plant but needs a little extra care every now and then. After an intensive warm-up in our greenhouse, we hand over the baton. Now it's your turn. Are you going to give your caladium as much love and attention as we do? To help you on your way, we have collected our best tips for you. Read along

The care of the caladium in winter
Caladiums may grow a little differently than you are used to, they have a very clear cycle. They often grow from tubers underground. In winter, the caladium goes into hibernation, you can recognize this by the dying off of the leaves. In the spring and summer, the leaves of the caladium simply come up again. In contrast to many other shops, the Plant Rebelz caladium does not grow from a tuber. As a result, the plant does not go into winter dormancy and you can enjoy this beautiful evergreen all year round.

The best location for your caladium

Caladiums are strong plants, but beware of the bright sun, it can discard the beautiful leaves. So put your caladium in a place with indirect light. This way the plant has enough light to grow and you prevent its leaves from burning.

Caladiums and humidity
Caladiums evaporate quite a lot of moisture. If you have little humidity in the house, the plant can quickly show brown edges on its leaves. In this case it is best to spray the caladium regularly with some water.

The caladium outside
If it is warm enough, the caladium can also be placed outside, this is possible at a temperature of at least 15 degrees. In the beginning it is useful to avoid direct sunlight and to let the plant get used to it slowly. Also be careful with a lot of wind, the leaves of the caladium are fragile and can easily be damaged and break.

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Watering a caladium

Make sure the caladium's soil is always slightly moist. In the summer months you can water the plants twice a week. In the other months you can reduce this a little. The caladium has thin and fragile leaves.

If you give the plant too little water, it will quickly hang. Fortunately, the leaves will quickly come up again if you give the plant some extra water. Just be careful not to water too much, in which case the tubers or roots will rot. Unfortunately, caladium cannot recover from this ...

Repotting Caladium

Depending on the size of the caladium, you choose the correct pot size. For optimal results, it is best to choose a large pot, think of a pot of at least 15 centimeters. Always check whether the tuber is nice and firm, then you know for sure that it can sprout and start growing nicely.

When the tuber feels soft it may contain rot and will stop growing. When many roots are growing out of the pot, it is also time to repot the caladium. Then make sure that the roots still have enough space to grow further. You can just use standard potting soil for repotting the caladium.

The caladium and diseases

Caladiums all grow in their own way. One caladium has many small leaves and the other some very large leaves. In addition, it is quite normal for a caladium to regularly let some leaves die. Don't worry, you can just cut it off. Make sure that the leaf has completely died off first, then you can cut it off without any problems.

Sometimes some dry spots form on the leaf of the caladium
This can happen if the plant gets too much direct sunlight. If you put the caladium too dark, the leaves can become a bit darker / greener. In this case, it is better to place it in the light. The caladium is known for its nice leaves. Now flowers are also growing from the plant, this only costs it a lot of energy. If you want the plant to only put its energy into the leaves, you can also just take the flowers out. This way your caladium can fully focus on its leaves.

Prevention is better than cure
It is advisable to check the caladium regularly for aphids and other pests. The sooner you unmask these, the greater the chance of combat. Check especially under and between the top. Has your plant become infected? Gosh ... but don't worry. You can treat the plant with special (biological) pesticides. There is a good chance that your caladium can still be saved!

Exhibits your caladium brown leaves?
This is usually the result of too much or too little water. In both cases the plant will react the same. Its leaves dry out and turn brown. To make sure you give your caladium enough water, it is best to put your finger in the soil. Does it feel dry? Then you can give the plant extra water. Does the ground feel wet? In this case, skip some water.

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Is the caladium poisonous?

Be careful with pets and children as the caladium is poisonous. Do you want to choose to get a caladium at home? In that case, make sure that the plant is in a place where children and pets cannot reach.

The caladium in winter dormancy

Does your caladium grow from a tuber? Then it is useful to know that your plant will slowly die back in the fall. More and more leaves will turn brown. Water less and less during this period. So that the plant is prepared for hibernation.

You can choose to leave the caladium tuber in the soil or you can take it out so that it can hibernate in another place. When you leave the tuber in the ground, it is advisable to water less and less. The leaves will then slowly die. By the way, you can leave this on until the leaf is completely dried. The caladium will still get energy from that leaf with which it gets through the winter. Once the plant has died off above the ground, you do not need to water it anymore. You can now put the caladium away for a few months and you don't have to water it anymore. Be careful not to put the plant away too cold (no colder than 12 degrees). Both the tuber and the leaves cannot withstand very cold temperatures. Choose a place in the closet, in the hallway or a place where it will not bother you.

You can also choose to remove the tuber from the ground. You do this as soon as all leaves have died. You take the tuber out of the soil and put it in a paper bag. If there is still moisture in the tuber, it can evaporate thanks to the paper bag. In the spring you put the tuber back in the ground. Water every now and then. The leaves will come up again during this time and the caladium is ready to grow.

Avoid the caladium's hibernation?
Some caladium species can be a bit stubborn and continue to grow and do not go into hibernation. The result? A caladium that shows leaves all winter long. There is, however, a good chance that your plant will grow less beautifully. It is therefore not advisable to skip winter rest. To get stubborn caladium into hibernation, water less and less in autumn. Until it dies and finally goes into hibernation.

Does your caladium not grow from a tuber? Then it will not go into hibernation either. This is only the case for most plants that grow from a tuber. It is advisable to give less water to your caladium in the winter, since there is less daylight, the plant will also evaporate less water. The growth of the plant will also visibly diminish.

Buy a caladium

In our range you will not just find caladium, you will only find the best of the best. We take care of our caladium down to the last detail. For example, we work with biological crop protection, so that we leave nature to nature and we do everything we can to create the ideal conditions for our small caladium to grow large and strong. If Plant Rebelz is known for anything, then it is our special houseplants in top condition.

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All in all, with a caladium you bring a special plant into your home. With its heart-shaped, brightly colored and beautifully veined leaves, the caladium is a striking appearance. This special plant may need a little extra love and care, but with its fantastic appearance it is well worth it. Keep a close eye on our caladium assortment because we regularly add new and surprising varieties.

Do you have a specific question about the care of the caladium or could you use some styling advice? Our plant heroes are here for you! Send us a message or contact our plant service.