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The Weirdos (Rare plants)

Out of the box case? The Weirdo is your rare or die. Basic, say what? Dots, stripes, rips: the Weirdo can't be crazy enough. These waitlist-worthy friends are super cool and hotter than hot. Let the Weirdo host your plant party and ensure yourself a spot on the waitlist and take your plant party to the next level. Don't be basic, be a weirdo!

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You have house plants and you have room plants; at Plant Rebelz we are of the latter category. In addition to dozens of loyal regulars, you will also find very cool house plants for your plant party. Houseplants with names like 'Monstera Deliciosa' and 'Ficus Robusta' that are as tough and tropical as they sound. Indoor plants that immediately make a stunning impression upon arrival. In short, houseplants that make every plant party a bit more rebellious. Whoop, whoop!


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