Get your plant party started

You have plants and you have plants; at Plant Rebelz we are of the last category. In addition to dozens of loyal regulars (hi Ficus, morning Monstera!), You will also find very special guests for your plant party.

Plants that, with names like 'Tradescantia Flame' and 'Cordyline Paso Doble', are as tough and exotic as they sound. Plants that immediately make a stunning impression upon arrival. In short, plants that make every plant party a bit more rebellious. Whoop, whoop!

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From site to your own place

Our plant hunters scour the world for the most beautiful evergreens and most brilliant eye-catchers, which we then grow and raise in our own greenhouse. We also grow the cuttings ourselves. Only in this way can we guarantee the very best quality.

Our desks have been planted in the middle of the nursery (speaking of open-plan offices); this makes us extremely involved with our offspring. We see them grow up and blossom into strong adult houseplants, large and green enough to move into rooms. With you, for example!